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My name is Marge Perri. I live with my family and a pack of dogs in Estonia, in a cozy house which is situated 25 km from the capital city Tallinn. In 2005 when I got my first Australian shepherd “Tinny” (Gunlake Dancing Queen), I fell absolutely in love with this breed. During these years my dogs have opened a whole new world to me. Every day I devote a lot of my time to them. I do obedience, rally-obedience and also a little bit of agility with them. From time to time my dogs also participate in different dog shows. But aside sport, what is most important to me, is that we spend a lot of quality time with our dogs by hiking in the forests and swimming in the lakes. Our dogs are part of our everyday life. They are our family and we live side by side sharing our home and life. They do not live in kennels.
As a  breeder I’m sure there will still be a lot of new challenges to me. I am very thankful to all the breeders who have been there next to me and have taught me so much about breeding aussies and about their genetics. My goal is that every pup I rase can live a long and healthy life and will make someone a fine companion. Our puppies are always raised in the house next to our family with lots of socialisation, love and care. We are very picky about the new owners because we love all of the puppies and they are like a family to us. Puppies are always sold with a contract and FCI pedigree. They are chipped and vaccinated by age. We are always open to answer any questions and offer our support and knowledge during her/him lifetime.


Marge Perri

Address: Harjumaa, Estonia

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Telephone:     +3725163176